Community Heroes

Alicia Cortez

by Santiago Ramirez from Medellin

Alicia Cortez is an eye doctor that revises and operates on poor kids without paying them. She decided to become doctor by a strange story, these are the reasons why she is a hero. When she was little she has a doll called Tebursio. Tebursio have a bad eye so she promised to Tebursio that when she grew up she would operate on poor kids. So she did it but operating on kids in that time was so bad, because she had to revise the cid and at the sixth month they operated, but at that time the kid was blind. So she decided to create a foundation that helps poor kids for free.

I think she is a community hero because she gives her time and her money. This is important because it is showing caring and fairness. This should convince you that she is a hero.

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