Abraham Jesus Crespin

by Jonathan from Hawthorne

It may be a little to cliche  to have a parent to be a hero, however my dad is very inspirational to me because of what happened in his lifetime. My dad is always hard working to either provide for his family or just to prove someone wrong, and he never takes any crap from anyone. Even in work he will prove to his boss wrong or prove that he is very important in what he does in his job. He father is the hero that I want to strife for and hopefully surpass in my life.

My father, Abraham Jesus Crespin, came from a family of six children, two sisters and four brothers, in El Salvador. He lived through the Civil War in El Salvador that lasted for twelve years. When he was young he always played outside climbing the nearby volcano in San Salvador, El Salvador. He lived in a middle class area, but one day the  rebels were trying to burn down ballots because they believed the government rigged it. However there was a military patrol so it turned into a shootout that lasted the whole day and my dad with his brother was on the ground, taking cover from the gun shots, and when he got up the military general thought he was a rebel and was going to execute him with his brother. My father was preparing to die at the young age of fifteen, but all of a sudden an American journalist  asked the general what he was doing with these boys, and not to get bad publicity told the soldiers to take him back to his home. My dad survived that day, but after that he witnessed a pregnant woman getting beaten from the soldiers for no particular reason. After, that my father's mother sold the house so he can go to America. However, my dad already witnessed the harsh world from the war so he learned how short life is and how important and precious life is. This is one lesson he learned and taught me that I should never waste a life to accomplishment nothing.

After surviving the Civil War of El Salvador, my dad went to America, but then he was poor and was an illegal alien and went through the hardship of poverty, evading border patrol, and finding a job that would get him enough to go by the day. Finally, after getting married with my mom he got his resident ship, so he could now live in America. After all that my dad is now a college professor in FIDM and is a design manufacturer for Disneyland, so in all he did pretty well for himself after all those hardships. So every day he tells me to always work hard so I wouldn't see how it was for him when he first came to America looking for jobs to do.

So that is why my dad is my hero, always giving me inspiration and motivation from his life story of hardship and dangers in both America and El Salvador. Even my older sister learned from his life and is working hard to strife for a better future from my dad's story. Because of that my sister is the head manager of a new website company. I too want to strive for a better future to both make my dad proud and for myself not wanting to ever see the hardship my dad had to face.


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