Community Heroes

Andi Desautels

by Alex from Essex Junction

Andi Desautels is a volunteer to her community. She lives in Middlebury,Vermont. She has been helping her community for a couple years now. Andi volunteers for not one, but two organizations in her community. Andi drives patients to their doctors or hospitals if they cannot drive. The patients are called up and given a ride for no cost at all. The organization is called "Dive for Cancer". Her other organization is called "Meals on Wheels." Meals on Wheels delivers food to people who have little to no money.

Andi was born In Newport, New Hampshire. Her happiest moment of her life was the birth of her children. Andi's motivation to get involved and help other community members came from her dad. Her dad was a big help and a hard worker when she little. Her dad set a good example because he worked hard to provide for his family. Andi wishes to do community service till she can't do it anymore.

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