Aaron Dixon

by Janelle from Bellevue

It all starts one April. A miracle was born and his name was Aaron. What state was he born in you ask? Well in Florida of course. Aaron gets inspiration from Salvador Dali. When Aaron grows up Aaron wants to be an artist.

When Aaron was a kid with blond hair he was so cute. Something happened. Aaron got autism. Aaron still has autism. Aaron is an awesome artist and he does really cool masterpieces. Aaron wants to be an artist for people to see if you dream it, you can achieve it. I can agree with that. Aaron does really good art.

Here is some stuff about Aaron. When Aaron was 17, he trick or treated for the homeless. He donated 100 canned goods. Now Aaron is 18 and I am his little sis that is 9 and Michael, Aaron's brother, is almost 21. I am his sis Janelle and Aaron still plays with me even if he is 18. Aaron got his name from Moses' brother, Aaron.

Aaron is special to me because he cares for me and he helps me. He's a hero to me because I can look up to him. He also helps me reach things. He helps me when I'm scared. I know Aaron loves me because he will do anything to protect me. He even saved me from a black dog. It almost bit off my ear. I love my hero.

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