Ammie Do

by Andy from Houston

Ammie, Andy, Destiny
Ammie, Andy, Destiny

Hero- someone that helps you throughout your entire life. My hero hero is my mom. She overcomes obstacle by staying strong and doesn't listen to them, they are just BULLIES.

Her quote is to "always stay calm". It means don't fight people because it's not worth getting hurt for. My hero is my MOM. She is the best hero ever. My mom which is my hero helpd me on my EDUCATION because she CARES a lot about my FUTURE and CAREER.

When I am down she would make me feel happy again and my hero NEVER LIES like when she told me and my sister she was going to go take us to go hangout the next day. She had to do something important and she tried to make it work out but I told her to just go and she said "are you sure" and I said "yeah we can go hangout next weekend" and she was like ok and I was so happy for her and that is why I love my mom and I will always remember her for my entire life. Me and my sister are so happy for her and we love her. Thanks for being our hero since day 1.

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