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Adam S. Doyle

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Have you ever wanted your art to matter? "Every artist wants to believe that their work matters." Adam S. Doyle inspires everyone around him. Telling how to bring out your inner voice, and to give advice to the young artist to help make them become a better artist that they want to be. He uses the human mark and travels places to get inspiration from everywhere. He tells people how to find their inner artist voice. Adam Doyle is an inspirational artist because he can show how to find your inner voice, how he uses the human mark for inspiration for his work.

A Wolf ( (Adam S. Doyle))
A Wolf ( (Adam S. Doyle))

Inspiration is everywhere people look; though culture, places they go, even when people just have a thought come into their heads. Adam S. Doyle, states " everyone has had a positive and negative experience growing up that leave an impression and would manifest in one form or another for those who express themselves creatively."(Other Cool Birds pg:3). What Adam is trying to say is that with past experiences come with different art styles that people portray. If someone had a great life and they draw amazing things with bright colors then they had lots of joy and happiness. Now if someone had a not so good life but wanted to pursue their passion for art they will use more dark shades of colors instead of bright colors to show how life means to them and how they want to show it. Adam, he goes off the "human mark".

A Snake ( (Adam S. Doyle))
A Snake ( (Adam S. Doyle))

Adam uses the human mark as an inspiration to help him draw and he uses "spiral energy." When he talks about the spiral energy, he's talking about the energy inside the human body. "The energy in our bodies can be directed into healing ourselves."(Other Arts pg:3). What he means is that the energy in our bodies can heal us. Adam also talks about lyricism in the art people create. Adam says "To be satisfied with an image it needs to have its own lyricism"(Dhruba RC). Adam is telling us that to be satisfied with an image that we have to create or that someone else has created, it needs lyricism to have its own movement or meaning to it. Adam has an interesting view of how to find the young artist visual voice. (Adam S. Doyle) (Adam S. Doyle)

"Don't be concerned with style."(Sevin, Julia) Adam is not trying to concern himself with a style. He works more towards the, he's going to visualize it and he's going to do it. Adam, he says "focus on material that interests you"(Sevin, Julia). Adam doesn't draw what he doesn't want to draw. He draws what inspires him and what he doesn't have to try very hard to do. Don't be concerned with style, every person has potential.

Moons ( (Adam S. Doyle))
Moons ( (Adam S. Doyle))

Inspirations are everywhere, no matter where people look. Adam has his inspiration, by using the human mark he makes extraordinary art. Adam inspires people, and gives advice to the young artist, tells them how to find their inner voices and tells them how they can use their inner voice to make great pieces. Adam is an inspirational artist because his inspires everyone around him and teaches new artist lessons every day.

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