Amelia Earhart

by Caely T

Amelia Earhart was born July 24, 1897. In 1937 she attempted one of her famous flights across the Atlantic Ocean to Howland Island, but unfortunately she never landed. Amelia was declared missing July 2, 1937.

Amelia as a child (
Amelia as a child (

Her childhood was wild and free-spirited. She and her sister “Pidge” spent their days hunting and collecting bugs. Amelia’s grandmother did not approve of the tomboy Amelia and her sister were becoming. She believed they should be wearing bonnets not bloomers. In 1904 Amelia and her uncle built a ramp and fastened it to the top of the backyard tool shed. When she emerged from the broken wooden crate, she said, “Oh Pidge, It’s just like flying!” Despite her bruised lip and torn dress.

When Amelia was 9 her dad got a job transfer and the whole family moved from Atchison, Kansas to Des Moines, Iowa. A year later, Amelia, her sister Muriel (she went by her middle name in her older years) and Edwin Earhart went to the Iowa State Fair where Amelia saw her first plane. She was encouraged to take a ride but she refused and said it was, “A thing of rusty wire and wood and not at all interesting.”

Amelia as a graduate (http://media1.corbisim)
Amelia as a graduate (http://media1.corbisim)

By the time Amelia graduated from Hyde Park High School in 1916. She knew she wanted to do something in the male-oriented fields. She looked at law, management, film production and mechanical engineering, but found nothing. Eventually, She started college at Ogontz School but never finished the term. After trying a few colleges she moved back with her parents in California. Edwin and Amelia went to an airfield and Amelia took a ride with Frank Hawks. By the time she got off the 10 minute ride, she knew she must learn to fly. In the next few years, Amelia worked at many jobs to save enough money for lessons. She had saved $1,000.

Amelia and Fred Noonan (
Amelia and Fred Noonan (

In January, 1921 Amelia took her very first flying lesson with Anita Snook, her teacher. Soon, Amelia was known as one of the best female pilots in America. She decided to attempt to be the first female to fly across the Atlantic. After Earhart had accomplished that she flew many other flights across the ocean.

In 1937 Earhart attempted the solo flight around the world. It took many attempts due to complications during the flight. July 2, 1937 Amelia Earhart set out with Fred Noonan to Howland Island and they never landed. Some believe Earhart wasn’t an experienced pilot and was lost at sea. Others believe Electra (The plane) crashed again. There has been no evidence up to this date. The mystery lives on.

Amelia Earhart is a hero to me because of her courage and her will power to never give up. People told her she could never be a female pilot. That NEVER stopped her. That is why she is my hero.

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