Amelia Earhart

by Mackenzie from Boca Raton

“I want to do it, because I want to do it.”
This is Amelia Earhart when she was a little girl (
This is Amelia Earhart when she was a little girl (

Who was considered the first girl to fly across the Atlantic Ocean? Amelia Earhart was considered to be the first woman pilot to try to fly around the world even though she failed. Amelia Earhart must have had guts to want to fly at such a dangerous time mostly because she was a woman. No one will ever know how close she was to flying around the world. Earhart can be thought of as a hero in just one person’s eyes and also in a million.

Amelia Earhart had a little different life than most little girls because she didn’t get to live with her parents for the first years. She was born on July 24, 1897. When she turned three, she was forced to go live with her grandmother, whether or not she wanted to go. At the age of five she learned how to read. Years later Earhart then enrolled in Columbia University to study pre-med. In the middle of her years at the university she left to go back to California to be with her parents. She and her dad went on a plane ride over Los Angeles. After they landed she knew she wanted to be a pilot.

This is Earhart and Snook. (
This is Earhart and Snook. (

When Earhart was interested in flying, it was a bad time for a flying career because it was such a dangerous thing to do. She didn’t care. All she wanted to do was to fly and if she didn’t get that she would have been hopeless. In July of 1922 Amelia purchased her first airplane. After she had bought her airplane she needed to learn how to fly it. Later she found a women aviation teacher by the name of Neta Snook. Earhart showed bravery to do something that most other women were not daring to learn or do: fly an airplane. In May of 1923, she got her pilot’s license.

This is Earhart in her airplane. (
This is Earhart in her airplane. (

Earhart went home back to the East Coast. She sold her plane to buy a car. Earhart had come up with a nickname for her car, “The Yellow Peril.” When she got home to Los Angles she had found that her parents let some tall handsome man by the name of Sam Chapman, stay in their home. Chapman was an engineer. After a few years he had the idea to want to marry Earhart. Then after she left to go back to Boston to continue to work, he didn’t want to marry a woman who pursued her career. Chapman still asked her though, but she rejected the proposal.

No one really knows today why you could consider Amelia Earhart as a hero but if you were to ask the people she knew, the people that watched, the people who understood what was really going on back then, those are the people that know why she was a hero. People today know why she was a hero. She was a hero and still is one because she dared to do something that no other woman had done. When she wanted to fly around the world she wasn’t looking for more popularity; she did it because she wanted to challenge herself. All women who fly planes ought to thank Amelia Earhart for giving women rights to fly. All girls who want to pursue their dreams can thank her because some girls have already started pursuing their dreams. As Amelia Earhart once said, “I want to do it, because I want to do it.” She did and the history books still tell her story.

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