Amelia Earhart

by Ben

Ever since Amelia was a child, she had a love for planes and Amelia was determined to become a pilot. She was remembered for her flight over the Atlantic Ocean in 1928, and for being the first person and woman to fly over an ocean. Sadly her journey ended in 1937 when her plane, herself, and pilot Fredrick J. Noonan were nowhere to be found. People say her plane crashed between New Guinea and Howland Island. Amelia Earhart was many things such as courageous, inspirational, and she stood up for woman's rights and she was by far a hero.

Amelia Earhart has many great heroic characteristics, but out of all of them, she was inspirational. Amelia was the first woman to fly a plane, and after that accomplishment women everywhere looked up to her as a hero. After she showed women could fly, African Americans were inspired to become pilots just like her, and they did in America to gain more freedom. Also, Amelia was the first woman to go out into public and demand the opportunity to fly. After she went out into public, citizens of the United States let her fly over the Atlantic Ocean before anyone else.

Amelia was courageous due to her love of flying, love of the world, and her trait of exploring new things. She was the first woman to be offered the opportunity to fly a plane over the Atlantic and she accepted, she didn't back down. She went out into public and demanded that women could fly; she didn't stay at home, and she did something she wanted to do. Amelia then showed she wasn't afraid to compete against a man, she showed the world she was just as good as men and even better at flying. Amelia knew no woman had ever flown a plane and she showed people she could and she wasn't afraid.

Last but not least Amelia stood up for women's rights. She did something she wanted to do with her life, which was to make women just as important as men. She believed that women are equal to men and that meant they are the same at flying. After her speech about the equality of men and women, she flew over the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn't a man who flew over the Atlantic; it was a woman to be the first to fly over an ocean. Many men doubted she could fly but she showed everybody she could.

Amelia Earhart with her Lockehead Vega Plane ( (Getty Images))
Amelia Earhart with her Lockehead Vega Plane ( (Getty Images))

In 1937 Amelia was offered to be the co-pilot of Fredrick J. Noonan to fly around the world, but this journey doesn't end like her flight over the Atlantic. When Amelia was about to start her worldwide journey, she was interviewed and said, "I have a feeling that there is just about one more good flight left in my system and I hope this trip is it. Anyway when I have finished this job, I mean to give up long distance "stunt" flying." After they started, they only made one major stop for repairs, because the plane was damaged that it couldn't even fly out of the United States, and all the rest were for food and gas. Right about when the plane got to Australia that was the last time anyone in the world saw the two pilots. Their plane disappeared between the middle of New Guinea and Howland Island, but after everything Amelia did before this awful fate she was a hero and always will be. 

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