Amelia Mary Earhart

by Paige from Wheeling

Amelia Earhart is considered a heroine because she lived outside the norms customary for women in her time. She was brave, independent, courageous, and smart. She chose paths in her life that most other women shunned. Her dreams guided her to her death, but she was known for great things. Amelia won many awards and no one will never forget what she did. This is Amelia Mary Earhart's story.

Amelia Earhart's life began in Atchison, Kansas, on July 24, 1897. As a young girl, she spent hours playing with her sister, Pidge, climbing trees, hunting rodents and sledding. An unconventional upbringing shaped her to be a tomboy. Her mom was a strong influence on Amelia, allowing her to pursue her interests however out of the ordinary.

As a teen, Amelia grew to love reading. She became an author. Due to life circumstances, Amelia was forced to move from place to place, and school to school. She was a loner. She found courage by having her own heroes, women of her time that were successful in areas dominated by men.

The interest, however, that would lead Amelia down the path of being a heroine was flying. Brought about by taking a flight as a child, Amelia would become known as the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. She was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for her flight. She let nothing stop her from pursuing her dreams. She was then a noted American aviation pioneer. She proved women could fly too! She wrote best selling books about her flying experiences. In 1935, she would become the first person to fly from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Oakland, California.

Flying led Amelia to stardom, and it also led her to her death. On July 2, 1937, Amelia and her aircraft went missing over the Atlantic Ocean. She was trying to fly around the world. Neither she nor her aircraft were ever found. In her time, Amelia was very important for the women. Amelia Mary Earhart is my hero because she accomplished many daring records like flying across the Atlantic Ocean and she proved many different things like showing that women can fly too.

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