Amelia Earhart

by Kaitlyn from New York


Welcome aboard the Flying Electra! This is one of the planes Amelia Earhart had when she was at least twenty. Amelia Earhart’s quote is “Adventure is a worthwhile itself.” Anyway you might be wondering, “Who is Amelia Earhart?” Amelia Earhart was the first woman pilot ever. Amelia Earhart is my hero because she was the first woman to fly solo around the world. Also, her heart told her to accomplish things that she couldn’t do on her own without some confidence. Now, let’s start at the beginning of Amelia’s life.

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Amelia had a father who told her, try what you think is right. But, don’t forget about her mother who wants her to be a proper gentle woman. Her childhood was content. She had an older sister named Muriel who loved to do things with Amelia. Her father would play with them and let them fly. Amelia and her sister Muriel first went to public school together. Her mother thought that she would make more friends at public school, but her father thought she would be happy at a general school. As you can see, Amelia’s parents had different plans for Amelia’s future.

After a couple of years Amelia’s family started having problems. Her father was never the same for a while due to drinking problems. Her father would yell at them for nothing. This problem led to other problems such as her father losing his job, moving a lot, and the family’s money dropped $200. Back then that was a lot of money to gain and lose. All the family could afford was a small apartment. Amelia and Muriel hated these changes. Amelia didn’t make anymore friends due to all the moving. After ten years Amelia was sent to Columbia University. Amelia didn’t have trouble with flying because she always brought a person with her. As you can see, Amelia had more problems in her childhood than in her adult life.

These are Amelia’s contributions. Amelia loved to watch planes fly at ceremonies. Now she knew what she wanted to do. Like her father said, “Fly.” Next, after Amelia flew for many years, she made the first women’s flying group in the world. Amelia also gave women bravery to fly and proved that women could fly. This is where her heart told her, “you have to do this Amelia, you have to.” Her lessons for flying were 30 minutes long. Her teachers thought her future would be a bright one. And indeed they were right.

Amelia has been honored and known for things many times. After her first flying solo she had an avalanche of offers for movies and marriages. But she kindly declined the offers, so she could learn more about her flying career. Then, in 1932, President Hoover presented a gold medal of honor to Amelia. She loved the Hoovers. You might think the Hoovers acted like a presidential family, but they acted like normal people. Amelia would visit them often because she was bored without some friends.

Amelia has many traits to be thanked for. First, she had perseverance because she never gave up her dream of flying above the clouds, earning money for a new plane, and getting lessons from a professional pilot. Next, she had bravery because she was in a plane with another two people. Their names are Stultz and Gordon. That night the wind was so strong that the plane could crash at anytime. Luckily they made it back home safely. Amelia’s last trait is humble. Her last trait is humble because she gave credit to Stultz and Gordon after they landed and said that she was only a passenger. After that flight she planned her trip around the world. Now it was after a week, and around 3:45 pm on a Sunday, Amelia reported “running low on fuel.” The rest of the message was blacked out. Amelia never sent out another message after that. She was supposed to be at landing in position by now. Amelia was never heard from again. Search parties were searching every inch of the sea they could but found nothing. Some say Amelia’s plane sank, some others say she landed on an island

As you can see, Amelia Earhart has a brave and encouraging soul. Amelia was always prepared for life and what’s planned ahead of time. She has a family who loves her, an encouraging heart, and a strong, brave soul. In the end she was honored for her bravery for flying. That’s the end of our flight! Bye!

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