Amelia Earhart

by Emily from Atglen

Amelia Earhart was born July 24, 1897 at her grandparents house . Her sister was born 2 ½ years later. Amelia’s nickname was Millie. She was 10 when she first saw an airplane and more than a decade before she took interest in them.

On June 3rd 1928 she left to cross the Atlantic but she was just a passenger on the flight. She flew a solo flight from the Atlantic to the Pacific in September 1928 to attend the national air races. She organized a cross-country air race for women pilots in 1929. In the year of 1930 Amelia broke several woman speed records.

In the fall of 1934 Amelia announced to George that she would do a trans-Pacific flight from Hawaii to California and then on to Washington D.C. Ten pilots had already died attempting this. Some people said that they did not like that a woman be flying; others loved how talented Amelia was.

Amelia was voted outstanding woman of the year. In 1937 she said that after her trip around the world she would stop long distance “stunt” flying. When she landed in Bandung she became ill with dysentery. It was June 27 before they were back in flight.

The notes above show that Amelia Earhart is brave, smart, courageous, and a role model for all ages. Amelia Earhart died doing the thing she loved, flying!

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