Amelia Earhart

by Allison from Poway

Amelia Earhart and her first plane ( (PAULEY GTR ))
Amelia Earhart and her first plane ( (PAULEY GTR ))

"Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail their failure must be but a challenge to others" (Amelia Earhart Quotes). This was Amelia's motto. She always wanted to try new things, but often times she was not encouraged because she was a woman. Amelia dared to step beyond the line and be herself no matter what anyone else thought. She became the first women to develop a love for flying and became the first person to fly around the world. Amelia grew up missing a lot of school, but this only made her want to try harder for the things she wanted and deserved. She was very smart and was not going to be told "no" because she was a woman. Her bravery, passion, and determination makes her a hero.

Amelia Earhart loves to fly (  (Laura Modigliani))
Amelia Earhart loves to fly ( (Laura Modigliani))

Amelia shows her love for adventure through her passion to fly. "When she was very little her dad took her flying, she thought it was amazing, but she only viewed it as a hobby" (Sahlman). Amelia first thought of flying as a hobby, but soon realized she loved it. Amelia took risks during her life because she had such a passion for flying. Without this passion, she would have never attempted the things she did. The passion in Amelia made her strive and reach for the goals she wanted. "By the time Earhart was married, there were about 300 licensed women pilots in the United States"(Glines 42). Amelia had a passion so strong that it inspired other women to learn to fly. Amelia's love for flying showed many women that they were also capable of coming out of their comfort zone and trying new things. She was an example of her own motto and led other women to believe it too. Amelia teaches us to try new things even if we don't believe in ourselves, because it could trigger a spark of passion.

All of Amelia's life she strove for greatness, and through her determination, she was able to succeed. She shows this when "In July 1921, Earhart bought a rebuilt Kinner Airster for $2,000. The Kinner was an unstable, two-seat biplane powered by a 3-cylinder, 60-hp Lawrence L-2 engine" (Glines 42). Amelia was so determined to fly that she saved up all of her money to buy a plane. The plane was very unsafe, but that did not stop her. She practiced flying in it all the time. She was so determined that she risked her safety with this plane every day to accomplish her dream. "There is no denying that Earhart had difficulty learning to fly. It took her more than 15 hours of flight time and nearly a year to solo the Kinner, and she had a number of mishaps afterward, most of them during landings" (Glines 42). Amelia shows determination when she does not give up. Even though flying did not come easy to her, she kept trying without ever giving up. Amelia never walked away from her dreams even when people put her down. She had a dream and she was not going to let it die.

Amelia was able to express her fierce attitude toward flying through bravery. Another famous aviator once said, "In those days, they didn't take you up in the air to teach you... They told you this and that. You got in. They kissed you good-by and trusted to luck you'd get back"(Furgurson 50). This shows Amelia is very brave. She did not know if she would live or die but she jumped for her goal anyway. She knew through other people that once you got in the plane, you were on your own with very little flying experience. Amelia faced any fear she had and she attempted to fly around the world. She could have done many other things with her life, but she chose to be brave and take chances. "Amelia became the first woman to successfully complete the hazardous flight from Hawaii to California" (Sahlman). Amelia showed bravery when she completed this hazardous flight because not only was she the first woman, she was the first person ever to do this. She proved that a woman can do anything a man can do. Amelia took this challenge no matter what the odds and she accomplished it. Amelia showed strength in her personality by just taking the chance.

Amelia is not only a hero for her accomplishments, but she is a hero for how she achieved them. She was not going to quit because someone else told her to, or because it was a man's job. She did what she did because she wanted to. Amelia never gave up through thick and thin, which is how the world will always remember her. With her bravery, passion, and determination, she became unstoppable. Her heart led her through an amazing journey because she had the will power to try. She is inspirational to all women and she showed strength throughout her whole life. For these reasons she will always be a hero.

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