Amelia Earhart

by Emmie from St. Clair

Amelia Earhart (google)
Amelia Earhart (google)

My hero is Amelia Earhart, you probably have heard of her in your history books. There is also a movie made after her named Amelia. The reason she was so famous is because she was the first woman to fly a solo flight in 1932. She also broke many flying records. Another reason why she is my hero is because she made great strides for women as aviators (Amelia Earhart Museum)

In June 1937 Amelia embarked on the first around the world flight at the equator. On July 2, Amelia, along with Fredrick Noonan, vanished. They flew from New Guinea and were lost from there. A naval and air search was launched and there was no sight of them or their plane. Soon they were announced lost at sea. Some speculated that they were captured and killed by the Japanese (Amelia Earhart Museum).

Amelia today is mostly famous for the last adventure she embarked on but back in her day she was mostly famous for being the first person to fly across the Atlantic, also the first women to fly solo. Amelia died July 2, 1937, she was 40 years old. Many people say she died at sea, others suspect that the Japanese had something to do with her death. (

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