Amelia Earhart

by Sophie from Longueuil

"You can anything you want to do!"

The aviator Amelia Mary Earhart was known as the first women who flew over the Atlantic alone. By accomplishing that flight, she set a new record: 13 hours 30 minutes she got a medal from the president Herbert Hoover. She wasn't only an aviator she was also a writer, a speaker and a fashion designer. She thought women deserved the same respect as men. She didn't just fly planes or break records, she opened doors for women all over the world. Amelia was born on July 24, 1897, in Atchison, Kansas.

Her last flight began on June 1937, when she wanted to fly around the world. She hired 2 aviators, one of them left the plane when it was getting repaired. The only aviator left was Fred Noonan. When they arrived at Lae in New Guinea the plane lost contact, the last message was sent July 2, 1937 at 8:45am. In New Guinea she had no more fuel so they crashed. Today, people are still searching for remains of the plane or clothes and even bones that belong to Amelia.

Earhart didn't have a happy childhood, her father was alcoholic and he often lost jobs. She had a sister Muriel, they were two bright sisters. The girls often recited poetry while doing their chores. They also loved sports, even basketball and tennis. Their parents always encouraged them to try new things. She wanted to go to college, but she didn't because of the war. Instead she became a nurse.

She enjoyed watching airplane stunt shows. one day, she took a 10 minute plane ride and she knew what she wanted to do. She then learned to fly. After 10 hours of instructions and several crashes, she was ready to fly. She made her first solo flight in 1921. Her mom and Amelia saved enough money to buy a airplane. She set many records to prove that she was the best.

When I'm not confident in myself, I think of Amelia because, even if there were almost no women that were flying, she did what she wanted to do. Even after many crashes, she continued to believe in herself. She didn't mind if some people said she wouldn't be able to fly or anything. She just did what she wanted and that's why I find this person important.

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