Amelia Earhart

by Sydney from Barrie

My hero is Amelia Earhart. I chose her because she did something no one else thought she could do. She flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean and gave women many more rights and much more respect.

Amelia Earhart (
Amelia Earhart (

Amelia was born on July 24th in Atchison, Kansas, U.S.A. She was home Schooled by her mother and a governess for grades seven through twelve. Her husband's name was George P. Putnam. Her father's name was Samuel "Edwin" Stanton Earhart and her mother's name was Amelia Otis Earhart. Her Sister's name was Grace "Pidge" Murial Earhart. When Amelia was a young adult, she developed bad pneumonia. She had to be hospitalized for a few weeks but eventually recovered. This was during the Spanish flu pandemic.

When Amelia was very young, only seven years old, she put together a ramp like one she had seen on a roller coaster on vacation. She then tied the ramp to her toolshed. Then Amelia got into a wooden box and went off of the ramp. When she came out, she had a bleeding lip, a torn dress and a thrilled feeling. Amelia exclaimed "Oh, Pidge! It's just like flying!"

Most people didn't think that Amelia could fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo because in that time flying planes was mainly a man's job. Many people thought she would crash but she flew the course successfully and helped earn women more rights.

When Amelia was preparing for her solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, she picked up a copy of the latest newspaper to confirm the date. On her flight she experienced and had to deal with northerly winds, icy conditions and mechanical malfunctions. She landed in a field in Culmore, a small town north of Derry, Northern Ireland. The field is now the site of the Amelia Earhart Center.

While Amelia flew across the Atlantic Ocean, she also received the Cross of Knight and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Amelia has broken many records like women's altitude records, speed records for one hundred meters and lots of records for flying solo, long distance or in an auto gyro-plane.

Amelia displayed bravery, optimism, courage and responsibility. She displayed courage and bravery by doing something no one thought she could do. She displayed optimism by believing that she could do it and nothing was going to stop her. Amelia displayed responsibility by doing something to earn more respect and rights for women. She influenced me to be braver. Amelia inspires me to not give up and keep trying until I reach my goals.

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