Albert Einstein

by Justin from San Diego

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We all know Albert Einstein as a physicist and a mathematician.  His accomplishments included discoveries of the Theory of Relativity, the String Theory and the Theory of Gravity, which were, and still are, incredible scientific breakthroughs. He has done these incredible things! Einstein was born in 1897, in Ulm, Germany.  A smart Jewish boy, he enjoyed playing the violin, and he was passionate about being a physician.  He taught himself Geometry at the age of 12, which led to his interest in higher mathematics and eventually, in physics.  Until his death, at the age of 67, he continued to study science and expand in his thoughts and ideas about the universe.  A hero must possess intelligence and perseverance. These were qualities that he possessed.

 Through Einstein's intelligence and perseverance, he made scientific breakthroughs.  As a young man, Einstein was a brilliant person.  "...he published significant papers on Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect, and special relativity"(Paradowski).  Additionally, he supported the idea of a known fact, to make it easier to understand.  In other words, he made people's understanding of complicated scientific issues much easier to understand.  As he was growing up, Einstein was going to school to get an education in physics and mathematics.  He would later fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher in those fields.  "Einstein spent his later life on a quest for an ultimate unified theory of physics."(Clavo).  He is recognized for using his knowledge, to create and discover important parts of physics.  This task required extremely hard and passionate work.

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Einstein was a hero for helping revolutionize the way we think of science today.  He was capable of using his intelligence to modernize science.  "With the remaining papers Einstein revolutionized three branches of physics."(Calvo).  He used his own knowledge, and was supporting these important parts of scientific discoveries and expanded every idea of those topics.  For example, Einstein was a hero for helping make Max Planck's work better.  " expanding Max Planck's quantum theory to include light falling on the metal as packets (or quanta) of radiation (later called photons)." (Paradowski).  Einstein was also recognized for using his intelligence to aid in somebody else's work to make it clear.  That effort was largely recognized for being observed in different ways.

Einstein was a hero because he kept on trying his best.  He was grateful for pushing on a bad conversation which was heavily debated against.  "In the 1927 Solvay conference Einstein began to "debate" with Niels Bohr over the foundations of the emerging quantum mechanics."(Fine)  Even though Einstein might have looked badly upon for debating with Niels Bohr, that debate had helped him with theories and with the in depth understanding of science.  Einstein was a brave person for saying what he wanted to declare.  Einstein also exhibited his perseverance towards others. "Albert, who was slow in learning to speak..."(Pardowski). "At the age of six he began attending a nearby school, the Catholic Peterschule, where he was the only Jew among over seventy classmates."(Paradowski).  He took in a lot of insults and didn't show any signs of emotional stress.  In addition, he was looked down upon by some of the students of the Catholic Church because he was Jewish. His biggest challenge, at the age of three, was that he could not talk.  He had to try hard to overcome both of these disadvantages, or he would have not been the scientist he would have become.

Einstein was a hero for discovering many fascinating scientific breakthroughs.  His great perseverance was the foundation of his successful scientific breakthroughs.  He used his intelligence to make science better for us today.  As my hero, Albert Einstein inspires me because he has worked hard at what he loved most and accomplished them.  He had wisely used his two strongest traits, intelligence and perseverance, to encourage people to get the highest level of education to be successful in life.


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