Albert Einstein

by Tyson from Cortez

"I fear the day that people take advantage of all of electronic resources"

A problem facing our world during the 1990s was the want/ need for more land. This was a problem because it later came to the problem of World War II, and all Albert Einstein wanted to do was help, but he soon discovered that it was one of the worst choices in his life.

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany in 1879. He was born an unusual kid, he had a large head and threw many temper tantrums. As soon as he grew up he looked to be normal like a kid. Later on in his life on in his life he became a college professor and stayed teaching until he saw that World War II started and because he was so smart he moved out of the country and came to America.

As soon as he got there he was already noticed, and got a letter from president Roosevelt asking to help build the atomic bomb. At the date of 1939 he started to study/ build the atomic bomb and about five to six years he finished, and yet he did not know what it was for, but he did know that it was a back up plan.

More years passed and the bomb still hadn't dropped, until one morning Albert woke up and went to grab the newspaper and saw that the bomb had been dropped. He was soon to realize it was a horrible mistake. Albert's life stayed normal from there on out but he said a quote that i think could have changed history itself was "I only made one mistake in my life, that was when I sent the president the letter saying that the bomb should be made."

To conclude, I have learned from Albert to take every possible outcome of what you do and to be VERY open minded. A legacy that I will leave that I will leave behind is to not always listen to your thoughts and to be a risk taker and to be strong. A solution to Albert's huge problem is actually really simple, like an awesome fifth grade teacher called Ms. Lang said to all of us is to just be aware.

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