Albert Einstein

by Noah and Peyton from Five Points

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school
Einstein ((wikipedia))
Einstein ((wikipedia))

Our hero is Albert Einstein. He was born in 1879 and died in 1955. He lived in Germany and he was born in the month of March. When he was four years old and sick his dad gave him a magnetic compass. No matter which way it turned the compass it always turn the same direction. This got Albert Einstein in fascination with that nature pointing his way toward a life of scientific discovery.

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm Wurtemburg, Germany. Albert Einstein's son's name was Hans Einstein. Albert Einstein was a amazing scientist mostly known for his world wide equation E=Mc2. One thing why i wanted to choose Albert Einstein was because first i love science. In December 1930, Einstein visited America for the second time, originally intended as two months working visit as a research fellow at the California Institute of Technology.

Albert Einstein was so smart that people from other countries took Einstein's brain out after he died. It was a few days later. He did not like to wear socks. He won the Nobel Prize in 1921. He also won the Franklin Medal in 1935. He also won the Max Plank Medal in 1929. He also won the Matteucci Medal. He won the Barnard Award for Meritorious Service to science.

Throughout his life Einstein published hundreds of books and articles. Einstein was married TWO times. Einstein had a contract with his first wife, and his contract was about chores. Einstein may have had enlightened children. He had three children and they are first Lieserl, Hans and Edouard. He wasn't just known for how smart he is but for his personality. Albert Einstein once met with the president of Iraq. Albert Einstein also helped the Americans build the atomic bomb, the Little Boy. Einstein once said that energy can be turned into mass.

TOP 10 facts 10: Yoda was modeled after Albert Einstein 9: didn't like to wear socks 8 never knew how to drive 7 had visual experiments performed in his head 6 Albert Einstein was a slow leaner 5 spoke slowly 4 had a bad memory 3 his Nobel prize money went to his ex wife 2 he failed at his university exam 1 hours before his death he was still trying to prove his theory of everything.

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