Albert Einstein

by Alexander from Nanjing

So long as they don't get violent, I want to let everyone to say what they wish
Albert Einstein (
Albert Einstein (

Did you know that some did not believe what Albert Einstein said about his theories in science, they thought he was mad.
 Albert Einstein was born at 1879. He died when he was 76 years old. He is from Germany. He lived in Ulm. His mother is called Pauline and his dad is Hermann. Albert Einstein plays violin. His father was an engineer. He grew up in Munich. Albert Einstein learned to talk when he was three years old. His sister Maja was born in 1881 and they enjoyed playing with each other. His uncle helped develop mathematics. He was interested in magnets and how they work.

He married Maleva. He wrote three books about science, the book was called special theory of relativity. He invented the theory for a nuclear bomb. He found many things about science but some people didn't believe him. He found out that if there is a star there, it is somewhere else. He is clever and found out many things about science. He married Elsa Lowenthal.

1939 Einstein wrote to president Roosevelt that the nuclear bomb is dangerous. 1942, the Manhattan Project was lunched. 1955 Albert Einstein died. He is a good role model because he was clever, shared his ideas and found out many different things. He is a communicator, inquirer and thinker. He showed this by sharing ideas and thinking about science.

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Albert Einstein
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