Albert Einstein

by Luke from San Diego

The atom bomb's destructive power was strong enough to ensure one's safety or bring enemies to their knees. It was Albert Einstein’s equation which enabled the government to create the atom bomb. Born on March 14, 1879 Albert Einstein appeared. In 1880 he and his family moved from Ulm to Munich, Germany because his father’s business wasn’t doing well. In 1905 he received his Ph.D and in the same year formulated his Theory of Relativity. In 1921 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics. Sadly, in 1955, he died. Yet, he never truly died for his contributions to the world live on. Because of his intelligence, groundbreaking discoveries and his ability to overcome adversities, Albert Einstein is an amazing person whom many should consider a hero.

Einstein struggled throughout his life in school. At work he faced many obstacles both personally and professionally. Despite his high I.Q. he performed poorly in school. “In 1895, he failed the entrance exam for a Swiss technical school where he planned to major in electrical engineering” (Bruno). Einstein’s thinking was above the level the entrance exam was looking for. Even though he was a clear genius, not being able to pass an entrance exam was clearly an obstacle for him. Eventually Einstein gained recognition and attended graduate school. “As time passed and recognition of Einstein’s 1905 accomplishments began to grow, prospects began to improve”, (Bruno). Finally people noticed Einstein’s true intelligence and he gained popularity. He still encountered obstacles from his fellow physicists who opposed his theory and argued its accuracy. Overall, Einstein faced obstacles that temporarily held him back, but he persevered and became a world renowned physicist genius.

Having such a gifted mind, Einstein used it in his studies to come up with all of the complex physics equations he discovered. In the early 1900’s Einstein brought new ideas to his generation with his research. “Despite his brilliant series of 1905 papers-any one of which would have assured his place in the history of science-fame did not come to Einstein immediately” (Bruno). Quite a few of the discoveries which led to the atom bomb also caught the eye of the president; however Einstein was in shock for he was a pacifist and had never meant to create such a weapon. His intelligence is still astounding even with today’s science. His groundbreaking papers increased knowledge for the world leading to mass changes in history. While researching, Einstein came up with a formula still used by today’s scientists in order to better their understanding of the universe. “Einstein showed that time, space and matter are interdependent as expressed in the famous formula E=MC2, where e is energy, M is mass, and C is the speed of light”, (Glick). To have come up with such a formula is astounding, especially knowing past challenges where he was still struggling to speak at the age of nine. With his discoveries, new ideas were brought into this world and his formula E=MC2 brought almost instant fame for his abilities in physics. Ultimately, his relationship with physics helped scientists have a greater understanding of this world.

The intelligent man, Albert Einstein, could be considered as a hero to many for his discoveries and what he went through to become such a man. Overcoming his early challenges, Albert Einstein persevered and became a great man who changed the perspective of modern physics. His ideas and discoveries led to a change in the world and a change in his life. He is an inspiration to all children who struggle with early issues. He has shown us how much one can accomplish in life if you try and work hard to do your best at all times.

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