Albert Einstein

by Hunter from Nanjing

Albert Einstein (google)
Albert Einstein (google)

Albert Einstein was a great scientist who made history by studying physics and science. He was born in 1876. Albert Einstein died at the age of seventy-six. He was born in Ulm, Germany and died in Princeton, New Jersey.

1876, Albert Einstein’s sister was born and then Albert’s family moved to Munich, Germany. Nine years later, Albert married Meliva Maric. After that they had their first son. They named him Eduard. Then Albert moved to the US with his family never to return to Germany again.

Albert won a great prize for physics. He even participated in the first world war and met Max Talmud. In 1952 Albert's health starts to slow down. Thirty-three years before Albert got divorced from Meliva Maric and married Elsa Loenthall. 

Albert Einstein was a great role model for me. And he inspired me to like science. He likes physics, science and sailing. I like all of those things to like him. Albert Einstein was a great scientist.

I hope people all around the world look up to him like me now and in the future like me.

The websites I used,
The book I used is called Albert Einstein by Saviour Pirota.

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