Albert Einstein

by Christopher from Hillsborough

I admire and consider Albert Einstein to be my hero. He developed some very groundbreaking findings that revolutionized the field of science. Albert Einstein was able to recognize the Nazis meant harm to other people and did not support them, even though he was German himself. He was also very intelligent. Albert Einstein was a very admirable, important figure from the world’s history.

Albert Einstein made multiple contributions that helped scientists better understand the workings of the world. Some of his most famous theories are the General and Special theories of relativity, which explain the relationship between mass and energy (Wikimedia Productions, Inc., W). Einstein’s work is very inspiring and meaningful to people all over the world. Einstein had a very inquisitive mind that helped him question the aspects of the world, which could lead him to solve almost any problem that came across him. He even explained Brownian motion which had baffled scientists who tried to figure it out (Wikimedia Productions, Inc., W). Einstein could change his perspective to see any side of a problem.

Albert Einstein was able to recognize the evil intentions of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and did not support them even though he was German. Einstein was known to speak out often against the Nazi party and anti-Jew movements (A&E Television Networks, W). It was obvious that he knew the difference between good and evil, and he decided to follow the good path. When things started to become chaotic in Germany Einstein took his family and moved to America knowing that was against the law (A&E Television Networks, W). Albert Einstein was a very courageous, brave man. He sincerely cared for his family and would do anything to make them happy.

Albert Einstein was an extremely smart person. He developed many theories on different subjects in the scientific field that shape the way that modern scientists think. Einstein worked a lot of his theories in his spare time at his job at a patent office (Highbeam Research, W). If he can formulate theories that change the thinking of the modern world during his spare time, he must be very smart. In fact, Albert even won a Nobel Prize in physics (Highbeam Research, W). Most people never even see one! Einstein also wrote plethora amounts of articles and papers about his discoveries (Wikimedia Productions, Inc., W).

Albert Einstein was a great man and deserves to be my hero. He made multiple contributions to science, resisted the Nazi party even though he was German himself, and was very smart. Einstein is also a very good example that education is important. He attended school, college, and even a university (Wikimedia Productions, Inc., W). Albert Einstein was a great man that deserves respect from everyone around the globe, and he is my hero.

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