Arik Einstein

by Yuval from Lod

Arik Einstein Israeli singer Arik Einstein, 1939-2013. (Government Press Office)()
Arik Einstein Israeli singer Arik Einstein, 1939-2013. (Government Press Office)()

For fifty years Arik Einstein was one of the Israelis most cherished singers,-"The Voice of Israel" as many people have described him. Arik was born in 1939 and lived in the heart of Tel Aviv. His family led a very modest life in this one-room rented apartment . As a boy he studied an agricultural school which inspired him to love nature. No wonder Arik sang songs about his childhood by the Yarkon River, by the seashore. In addition, Being tall and agile, he was an athlete and a basketball player. Once, when he was sixteen, he broke the national record for height jump.

Because of his appearance, voice and sense of humor, Arik served in the prestigious army band . After he finished his army service he joined the "Ohel" and "Habima" theatres. Being modest, shy and suffering from stage fright, Arik left the theatre and started his life-long career as a singer. Einstein is regarded as the greatest, most popular, and the most influential Israeli artist of all time. We consider Arik Einstein the best of our performers. Today, Einstein is regarded as the most influential Israeli artist of all time.

When we discuss the life of a hero, we include projects, battles,- and deeds. But there are other kinds of deeds- modest and not so loud, which enrich the society in a quiet mode. Such was Arik's art. His huge impact on modern Hebrew through his songs, sketches and films was substantial Yet due to his modesty and extreme desire for privacy he rarely gave interviews. His modesty shone in him like a light that made everyone adore him. He was the true voice of Israeli society.

Reading the lyrics of his songs a person feels that they reflect the life in Israel since they touch on the experiences people go through both in times of war and periods of peace. His language changed along with the changing atmosphere. Songs like "Uf Gozal"/ "Fly little nestling", about a child reaching independence in a dangerous world "Ani Ve Ata Neshane et Haolam"/ "You and I will change the world" about wanting peace are only a few examples of changing the language according to the new spirit of the time. He was the poet of many of generations of Israelis and his ability to never reveal his political ideas made him a favorite among all Israelis. His death in 2013 at the age of 74 was a shock to the country and it was treated as if the head of the county had passed away.

Looking back at the things I've tried to express I find my hero Arik Einstein captivating for many reasons. First, for being funny but also modest, for working hard to seek perfection and choosing his songs so full of love for his home, home town and home-land. As I see it, his love for the Hebrew language and his ability to sing meaningful songs has linked the language of the past to the language we talk today.

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