Albert Einstein

by Luka from Tbilisi

"His only goal was not money or glory, but just to explain everything. " (Luka)

Throughout the history of humankind, there have been many famous people who may be considered as heroes, but my ideal isn’t a king, a president, or an artist–-but a physicist–-Albert Einstein.

Nobody knew that one Jewish German boy could change the whole picture of the universe. He was a genius who benefited the world. Working in the Swiss Patent Office, he had the same daily routine with cascades of papers full of thousands of formulas, which came directly from his huge brain. I think of his works as “thoughts from God.” His only goal was not money or glory, but just to explain everything.

After 20 years of deep thought, he discovered a new theory, which he called the “General Theory of Relativity.” This was the synthesis of Newton’s theory of gravity and Quantum physics. To explain it simply: Time depends on velocity in space. But, unfortunately, this new hypothesis was unbelievable and unrealistic to society at the time. Due to Hitler’s regime, he moved to the USA to Princeton University, where he hoped to find peace and worked on his new theory called “Quantum Mechanics”.

He planned to develop a “Theory of Everything”. He became ill, but his illness was not an obstacle to his enthusiasm of convincing the world that everything was predictable, every decision of God. The greatest mastermind of mankind passed away with formulas in his hands, but disappointed.

Albert Einstein is my ideal. He makes me understand how it feels like to be a physicist, what it feels like to be a genius. Stated simply, how can an ordinary person become the greatest citizen of the universe? To my mind, it’s our duty to complete his unfinished “Theory of Everything.” But…


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