Albert Einstein

by Nathan from St. Louis

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, born in 1879, was a German scientist who made breakthroughs in his field. His first curiosity for science was in middle school. While growing up, he was a talented musician, playing the piano and violin. His father showed him a compass when Einstein was only five years old. Einstein was amazed about the invisible forces that made the needle face the same direction.

Einstein when he was younger
Einstein when he was younger

Albert moved to Switzerland in 1896 and worked as a patent clerk when he made his most famous equation e=mc2. His Theory of Relativity is his most famous discovery. E=mc2 is also known as the Mass-energy equivalence equation. His theory of relativity is about how mass and energy are related. E is the energy, M is the mass and C is the speed of light squared.

In the 1930's Einstein spoke out against Nazi ruler and Hitler's Nazi Germany. He realized that peace would not stop Hitler so he fled to the United States. Einstein heard about German scientists using the reactions of splitting radioactive atoms to make atomic weapons. He worked in the Manhattan project and helped create the first atom bomb. When the bomb was created Einstein warned the president about its power and destructive ability.

I chose Albert Einstein as my hero because of his scientific discoveries. He changed the way we look at mathematics and science. Einstein's theory of relativity helped with understanding energy and mass in science.

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