Albert Einstein

by Mackenzie from Iowa

"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."

Albert Einstein was born in Germany March 14, 1879. He is my hero because he saved a horrible invasion of Japan that might have ended up in a complete disaster that would have killed many citizens of the U.S. Though helping to invent the Atom bomb killed many, he may have prevented the deaths of even more. I still like him because he didn't like killing those many people so I think that he is even better that he's not a mad scientist. He did what he had to, to save people, now please follow me and we'll see his story.

My hero has basically invented the atom bomb all by himself using his theory of relativity. The theory is that you can get a huge amount of energy from a small atom. This was dire in creating the A-bomb. He also declined the presidency of the state of Israel. Later in his days they established the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

My hero lived until 1955 when he was buried in Princeton, New Jersey. He mainly lived in Europe and the U.S.A. He did live in Berlin, Germany, then moved to Italy to where he later moved to the United States.

My hero lived for many years, dying of natural causes. My hero was very old when he did die. He did many things through the time he lived and saw & became very smart. He saved many people from a horrible invasion that no one person would know how long it would have lasted.

He was a very important person in history. He was no president or a celebrity I guess that is a good portion and he's not overrated like a celebrity too. Many people don't give him the credit he deserved, I guess it's because he didn't want it. He felt lousy after he killed so many people for his horrible invention. So he is my hero because he saved many people and he even had sympathy for those people that died. In a nut shell that is why Albert Einstein is my hero.

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