Albert Einstein

by Eric from Lakewood

Einstein 1879-1955 (johnstodderinexile)
Einstein 1879-1955 (johnstodderinexile)

Albert Einstein is a well-known man in American history and even worldwide. He was most renowned, though, for all the things he figured out, like his General Theory of Relativity, and all the things he discovered in his 76-years-long life. He has also been called the Father of the Atomic Bomb, because he is the one who did the research and found out the theoretical way to split an atom, causing a chain reaction. He was a Jew who lived in Germany when Hitler rose to power, so he survived the Nazi invasion too. He mastered differential and integral calculus at the age of sixteen which is a mind blowing accomplishment since most people don't learn this until they are in college! He started his interest in science when, on his fifth birthday, his dad gave him a compass, sparking his curiosity about how things worked. Then, over the years, he studied as hard as he could to learn as much as science as he could. Near his death, Einstein was considered a genius and was one of the smartest people of the 20th century.

One of the things Einstein discovered would be his very famous equation for balancing out mass and energy, E=mc2. He was also the one who explained why the sky is blue, which was because of something called opalescence. Einstein wrote a lot of books that explained many of his discoveries, like his book on the General Theory of Relativity. It is because of this theory that we were able to put people in space. He did all of these things throughout his life which is an amazing feat for one single man to do.


Albert wasn’t always the amazing scientist we know now. He used to have a speaking problem as a young boy. He overcame this problem, but it took a lot of determination to do so. He had to wake up early almost every day and study and practice speaking for nearly 12 years. He also started doing a lot of his research as a young boy. At the age of twelve (after he overcame his speaking problem) he started a self-teaching plan in which he read as much about science as he could to understand the world and why/how things happened.

Einstein was a well-known and respected man. He was known to have worked with the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, during WWII. He encouraged Roosevelt to do further research into the atom bomb because he thought the Germans would since they also had his notes on the theory of how to split atoms. Einstein was offered the position of President of Israel by a group of state leaders there. He declined this position, no one really knows why, but the fact that he was offered this position is important because it shows that people thought he was worthy of something great.


Albert Einstein is my hero because of all that he accomplished, especially taking into consideration where he started. He started out as a Jewish boy with a speaking disorder who lived in Germany while Hitler was rising to power. This complicated things a bit. He ended up being a genius! There is also the fact that he became one of the most well-known and respected persons of the 20th century. All of this makes him my hero. One single man in his 76-years lifetime changed the world with his discoveries.

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