Albert Einstein

by Isai Hernandez from Albuquerque

My hero is Albert Einstein. He was born on March 14th,1879 in ULM, Germany. When he was a child he always liked to think. He didn't talk much so his parents worried about him. Sometimes they took him to the doctor, but the doctor said he was fine. He was more of a thinker than a talker. He also liked to ask questions to his teachers and parents. Some of the questions he asked were whether time would ever end or how did the compass needle move. He had a weird personality. He was chubby and pale with thick, black hair. He also played the violin as a kid. He played for his mother when he was frustrated or mad. Albert also liked to go to his dad's and his uncle's electricity shop that they owned. He liked to go there because he always needed to get parts for his inventions and ideas.

His family moved to Italy, leaving him in school in Germany.He was a teenager at that time and he did not like the discipline and found school boring. He then joined his family in Italy, later going to Switzerland to study engineering. Einstein was an excellent student in his early years and when he was eight years old he was sent to an advanced school for seven years.Today we think of him as one of the most brilliant persons on the planet. When Albert grew older  he married a women named Mileva Maric. After they got married they had two sons. He then made the decision to give up his German citizenship and stay in Switzerland because he wanted to be around smarter people. He was so much smarter than people he knew in Germany. Once he moved and married and became a Swiss citizen. Albert went to the University of Zurich and got his diploma in 1906. He published a paper about electricity and magnetism. He became a professor of physics at the university. He accomplished many things and his research led to many discoveries that were important to our world. Later in his life he moved to the United States and became a professor at Princeton University in New Jersey. He is my Hero because his ideas led to the creation of the TV and other inventions and because he made people get out of their comfort zones and think.

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