Albert Einstein

by Matthew from Toronto, Canada

(A compilation of images I used from man different sources. All of these were digital images. (ME))
(A compilation of images I used from man different sources. All of these were digital images. (ME))

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879 to a Jewish family. Although Einstein is referred to as one of the greatest scientific minds - perhaps of ever - Einstein started off very slowly in school. Some teachers even described him as "dim" and unwilling to learn. It was at the age of 12 that Einstein began to show any interest in academics at all. At this age, Einstein found a book on geometry which he read through and through. This book intrigued Einstein greatly and because of this, Einstein began to teach himself math and learn about the important scientific breakthroughs of the age. Einstein's academic issues followed him though, later in his school career he was asked to leave his school because his disinterest set a bad example to other students.

To support further studies of math and physics, Einstein wanted to become a math teacher. However, in failing three exams, he was unable to get into the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He went back to school before re-applying to the FIT and eventually graduated FIT in 1900 as a math and physics teacher. Still, Einstein`s career as an academic was delayed. No Universities wanted him to teach for them. Over a year later, Einstein eventually accepted a job teaching math at a High School. In 1902, the father of a friend of his while studying at the FIT helped him get a job at a Patent office. He worked here for 7 years all the while developing his theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. 

Einstein won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 and began travelling the world after that. In 1932 Einstein received an offer to continue studying and developing his theories at Princeton in the U.S. the offer was that he would spend 7 months in Germany and 5 months in the U.S. However, in 1933 the Nazis rose to power and Einstein was unable to return to Germany. It was during WWII that Einstein contacted President Roosevelt to notify him that the Germans were planning on creating an atomic bomb. In saying this, he indirectly laid the foundation for the Manhattan Project. For the rest of his life, Einstein argued against the use of nuclear weapons (even though he had helped create them). In 1952 he was offered the Presidency of Israel but politely declined saying that he did not have enough experience in dealing with people. 

What makes Einstein a hero to me is that not only did he overcome difficult beginnings, to become arguably the greatest mind to ever live, but instead of using the power he was offered, (Presidency of Israel, Head of Physics at Princeton) to continue his greatness, he used it for humane causes, fighting against the use of nuclear weapons. Another thing that makes Einstein a hero to me is that he accomplished things in his time that many if not all people would have difficulty doing today. To lay the groundwork for some of the most complex physics today (all of this is done without any kind of computer) is simply mind blowing to me. 

Albert Einstein is important to me because he is someone that I and I`m sure many other people can aspire to be like. It's the way that he chooses to use his intelligence for good rather than to destroy the planet that makes me idolize him. The change he has made in the world is quite evident. He created the theory of general relativity and taught people that peace through war will never work. I aspire to be like him because not only would I like revolutionize a large (if not the largest) area of science, but I hope to be someone that other people as well want to be because of the good deeds I have done for the world. 

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