Albert Einstein

by Khushi from Sohna

Albert Einstein was born in 14 March 1897. He was a great scientist and did many inventions, he also got a Nobel prize for his intelligence and his great inventions. He was well known and famous. Albert Einstein's father used to run an electrical technology business and his mother was a housewife. He had 1 sibling and her name was Maria and he does not have any brothers. He had a small happy family. His best invention was the refrigerator and many more. He is the best hero in the whole word and he will always be the best. His father died in 1902 and Albert Einstein died in 1955 in April. He is my hero and should get the best decade award of the year with more Oscars. He is my best hero of all years. He has inspired me a lot and all my friends. Albert Einstein is the best in the world. YOU ROCK, EINSTEIN.                                                    


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