Albert Einstein

by Anupam from Brooklyn

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I consider Albert Einstein to be my hero, because he has educated, and he discovered things that have helped the world. When Einstein was 10 years old, his mother gave him a compass that he played with everyday. He was fascinated that it always pointed north. He began reading as much about science as possible, and involved himself in studying math. He especially loved calculus. A few weeks later, he was already studying university-level science and math!

Later on, Einstein tried skipping high school to get directly into Swiss Polytechnic. He took the test, but failed the art part. He was then sent to the town of Arau, Switzerland, to finish high school. After he graduated, at 17 years old, he was enrolled in The Federal Polytechnic School, in Zurich.

By this time, Einstein was almost done with his Theory of Relativity, which was E=MC². When Einstein finished it, he had other papers that supported it. When published, people admired him so much this theory that he was offered the job of President of Israel! Einstein declined this offer, and continued his work. He founded Brandeis University, and won the Nobel Prize.

Some hardships that Einstein faced were during his wife's pregnancy. He had to move her up a river, and then back to where his home was, right before the baby was born. Another hardship happened when he was 53 years old. At the time, he was at the height of his fame. However, because he was Jewish, he felt the "heat" of Nazi Germany.

Einstein died of heart failure, on April 15, 1955. Einstein was cremated, and his brain was preserved for later study. His ashes were thrown into a portion of the New Jersey River. Albert Einstein has inspired me to work harder nowadays. Right now, I am trying to develop a new kind of plant, but I do not have the funding right now. When I graduate from high school, I plan on continuing my project.

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