Albert Einstein

by Johnnathan from Cortez

A problem facing our world from 1880-1960 was the lack of inventions, because back then people only worried about themselves. They also didn't have that much imagination and imagination is important because imagination created the future. Albert Einstein had lots of imagination. He created lots of things like E=mc2. E=mc2 is the answer to cellphones and space travel.

Albert Einstein was born in 1879. He was Jewish but his family wasn't religious. He lived in Ulm, Germany. Did you know that Albert had a baby sister named Maja?  Whenever Albert started to speak he asked weird questions, like when he first saw his baby sister Maja he thought she was a toy and said, 'Where are the wheels?' When Albert was 11 his friend Max, a 21 year old, gave him Popular Books on Physics Science and Matter. The book allowed Albert to start asking questions...questions about the universe. He started thinking in new ways which led him to become a Physicist.

Albert Einstein contributed the Brownian movement. The website explains that the Brownian movement, or zigzag motion of microscopic particles in suspension. 'Einstein's findings helped to prove the existence of atoms and molecules.' He also contributed the quantum theory of light. 'The quantum theory of light by tells us that Einstein proposed that light is "composed of separate particles of energy called quanta or photons. They have some properties of particles and some properties of waves. Television is a practical application of Einstein's theory of light.' WOW! You know what else he invented. The Special theory of relativity. On states that the special theory of relativity is something Einstein explained "that time and motion are relative to their observer as long as speed of light remains constant and natural laws are the same throughout the universe." Finally he created The link between mass and energy. ' says that "the link between mass and energy is the fourth paper expanded on this idea with the famous equation E=mc2,relating mass and energy. This formula demonstrates that a small particle of matter contains enormous amount of energy. This forms much of the basic for nuclear energy." These are 4 of many things Albert Einstein contributed to the world.

The solution to lack of inventions is imagination. Imagination created everything including the future. Without imagination every day would be boring. Imagine if there was no imagination. The future would be totally different - no technology, no cars, and no school. Imagination is truly the answer to the lack of inventions.  




I learned that Albert Einstein had a baby sister, Maja. I also learned that he lived in Ulm Germany. He was born in 1879. Now I know what the Brownian movement, The Link Between Energy and Mass, The Quantum Theory of Light, and The Special Theory of Relativity all are. It would take me a lifetime to figure out any of these equations. I will leave behind a legacy by thinking about everything. That means I will do everything, try everything, and experience everything. Hopefully one of the things will make me remembered.

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