Albert Einstein

by Kimmie from Buffalo

Albert Einstein was one of the smartest men on earth! First, people use his name as another word for genius. Second, Albert was the most famous scientist. Finally, Scientists are still working on his ideas and theories today.

First, Albert was born in Germany. Second, Albert’s parents were Herman and Pauline Einstein. Third, Albert went to school in Zurich, Switzerland. Albert was NOT a child genius. He was a struggler in most classes. Albert was a baby with a large head. Fifth, Albert started school at the age 7. Finally, Albert started to like science and math at the age of 5.

Albert had many awards. First, Albert made a novel on cuticles on some of his theories. Finally, Albert became the smartest man on earth and still is today.

Some of Albert’s traits are humble. Albert never boasted or bragged about how smart he was. Second, Albert said that he's not smart just very curious. Third, Albert is very concerned that people would use his ideas for destructive things. Fourth, Albert made the Atomic Bomb. The Atomic bomb killed more than a war could. Albert is a genius. Fifth, Albert had theories that scientists try to figure out. Sixth, He used the most kinds of mathematics. Finally, They were so unusual to scientists at first.

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