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by Marshal from Roseville

Albert Einstein (
Albert Einstein (

Many people in this world do good things. However, only some people do great things. Some dream; others do. Some don’t try at the risk of failing. Others fail, and then keep going until they succeed. Nobody is born a hero, but instead they make themselves heroes. That is why, in my own opinion, Albert Einstein is one of the bravest heroes of them all. He was one of the few who put everything on the line for the sake of humanity. Some people hate him because of his sometimes considered “infamous” atomic bomb, when, in reality, he may have ended the war and saved potentially millions of people on both the Japanese and American sides during World War II.

Albert Einstein was born in Germany, on March 14, 1879. A year after he was born, his family moved to Munich, where his father created an electrical equipment company. He lived in Germany until the age of fifteen, where he moved to Switzerland. As an adult, he married, had a daughter, and then divorced. At the age of 76, Albert Einstein died. However he only died after many accomplishments, most of which are remembered today.

Some of these accomplishments include the Theory of Wormholes, the Theory of Relativity, equations of motion, and many more. He also took a major part in the Manhattan Project, which tried to make the atomic bomb before the Germans. The bombs were intended to be dropped on Germany, but the Germans surrendered before they were ready and tested. So, the bombs, codenamed Fat Man and Little Boy, were dropped on Japanese cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima, respectively. Both bombings combined killed 200,000 people, but still were not nearly as much as the napalm bombing all over Japan. Many people do believe that this bombing may have significantly shortened the war and saved Allied soldiers from having to invade on land, saving an estimated millions of lives on both sides.

Albert Einstein has made me really want to make sure that when I do something, it’s something I think is right. Not even if my own country is telling me to do something that is horrible, like Germany and the Holocaust. He was German, and decided to join the Allies. I am forever in his debt because if he had not done what he thought was right, I might be writing this in Japanese. Also, my personal definition of a hero is someone who displays bravery at the potential cost of their life, to help a greater cause. Albert Einstein fits this definition because he could have easily been murdered, but he decided to help the Allies knowing the risks.

There is only one thing I disagree with Albert Einstein about, however I do not blame him. To the day he died, Albert Einstein thought making the atomic bomb was a horrible mistake. I think it was not a mistake, but rather a heroic move. However, the reason I do not blame him for this is because I would have acted the same way if I had known I had just killed 200,000 people. No matter what anybody told me about it being for a good cause, I still would have thought that 200,000 people would be alive if it had not been for me. Albert Einstein risked his own life to make sure that generations after him would never have to go through the terrible burden he did. Albert Einstein was one of the few people who did great things.

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