Albert Einstein

by Jack from Highlands Ranch, CO

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Albert Einstein
Jack Gregory 10/31/12 P#5
What is a hero? You might ask. A hero is someone who puts themselves before others. Someone who is not afraid to cry out, I will help you. Someone who has devoted their life to finding new things. Someone, like Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein is my hero because he has discovered so much more than anyone thought one could discover. He discovered a new realm of scientific and mathematical facts. It all began in his room, when he was four, and sick. His father gave him a compass to play with. Albert was so fascinated by it because of the way the needles moved. We also know him for his fabulous, created equation/formula: E=MC2 (squared). You might know him for his wonderful piece The Special Theory of Relativity he wrote in 1905 when he was 16! When he was 24 in 1913 he worked on complicated theoretical research. In 1921 when he was 32 he won the Nobel prize for physics! He became an official United States citizen when he was 52 in 1941. Albert Einstein is named the father of the atomic bombs because he discovered the way atoms split apart. He also found out why the sky is blue using the definition of opalescence. Albert had a speaking problem as a young child but soon overcome it.

Albert once worked with president Roosevelt during WWII to find out more about the atomic bomb for the war. Albert had sent a second letter to Roosevelt in 1945 about the results if an atomic bomb was actually used, the day Roosevelt died the letter lay on his desk unopened! When the Americans bombed the two Japanese cities Albert Einstein was depressed. He said to himself: "I could burn my fingers that I wrote that first letter to president Roosevelt. Albert Einstein died on April 18th, 1955. In 2000, N.A.S.A sent gravity probe b up into space two test two important theories on Einstein's special theory of relativity. Albert Einstein was a great mathematician, scientist, and person.

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