Albert Einstein

by Theodore from Boise

I choose Albert as my hero because he overcame many obstacles to become one of the brightest minds ever. First of all, he was born in Germany during really hard times, not the best situation for the up and coming genius. His mother encouraged him into music where he had a certain amount of potential. When he became a teen, to avoid being drafted in the German army, he gave up his ties to Germany and took off to Zurich, Switzerland. He studied there for a time studying at Polytechnic where he went on to work with the patent office where he discovered the theory of E=mc2. He did many great things with his life and he did not pride himself on the destruction his ideas provoked, such was the splitting of the atom. His only peace of mind was that the U.S. finished the Manhattan project before Germany.

Personally I choose him as a hero because it didn’t matter his religion or his learning pace with languages, he persevered at his passion. I personally have autism syndrome which is ”a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills” (Kaneshiro 1). However, I also have a drive for science, so who knows? Someone might not be born the brightest mind, but may become one. Some of the things I hope to accomplish in my life are things like study the brain, cure sicknesses like cancer or right dysfunctions like Down Syndrome or others. I have big dreams in life, so if I always think of the humble situation that Albert Einstein arose from, I think I might have a chance.

Born March 14 1879
Died April 18th 1955

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