Abdurahman Faiz

by Pusfa from Bandung

"Mom, I love you like I love heaven!"

Even if he is only a boy he inspires me a lot by his literature creation. From when he was three years old he often said wise words. Like, “Mom, I love you like I love heaven!” He has a very sensitive feeling about all things. He cares about somethings that we do not really care about. He thinks and he fights in his way as he can by his poem. His poems are simple but fresh and touchy. I was a bit surprised to know a seven year old boy can write poems like that. Because of his talent in writing, he can win “Write a Letter to President National Contest” in first place at 2003 when he was eight years old. After that, he has been a guest in many events.

He is a real poet. In his young age, Faiz has written many poems that full of moral values. The way he shows his love to his parents is very touching. He often writes his feelings about war, natural disasters, teachers, animals that amazed him, situations of his environment, his father, his mother, and many more. His poems are different. Actually I think, the way he thinks is different than ordinary boy at his age. It is amazing to know that an eight year old boy has written so many poetic poems and he started from he was three years old! He has published two books when he was eight years old (2003).

His poems inspire me a lot. It makes me realize about social lives around us. That there are many people that are not as lucky as us. That tomorrow, this nation is in our hands. It makes me think deeper than usual. It makes me muse about my life, to be a better person, to be useful to another. I hope I can make it reality.

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