Adriel Favela

by Maria from Farmersville

My hero is courageous. He was a very young and hopeful boy when he started singing. He has a charity group for children

My hero is Adriel Favela. He is a 21 year old Mexican singer. He was born in Bacobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico. He now lives in San Francisco, California. He was born on August 26, 1994. Adriel Favela makes a difference in his charity group for kids who need help.

Adriel Favela was a normal Mexican citizen. His family was living like most of us. When he saw the opportunity he went for it. He would have been a normal adult if he wouldn't have started singing. He became famous by releasing an album called "Mujeres de tu Tipo."

Adriel Favela released "Mujeres de tu Tipo" in March of 2014. The album included the singles " Es Tiempo de Guerra", "Mujeres de tu Tipo". He was signed by Generencia Music 360 in 2014.

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