Abby Fieldhouse

by Nathan from Louisville

The greatest hero in my life must be my oldest sister, Abigail Fieldhouse. She is an intelligent lady who helps to challenge me academically. She tries to challenge me everywhere from helping with my homework to quizzing me at the dinner table. She helps to challenge me socially and forces me to hang out with people even when I feel like it might not be fun. When she encourages me to hang out with my friends, I almost always have fun. She also helps to push me to be the best me every day. She forces me to be the best version of myself every day and always helps to encourage me.

My academic life has been improved just because of her presence in my life. Every day I learn something new because of her medical school experiences. She enlightens me every day with knowledge which I believe helps me in my daily life. She can help me with everything related to education. She leads me into educational systems and pushes me just enough to wear I can still be successful.

My social life has been greatly enhanced because of my sister, such as the friends I have chosen. I have started to pick friends that help me to become a better person just as my sister does for me. I am normally not very outgoing and only hang out with a very small set of friends. So normally I am pushed to go and hang out with new people, which is normally induced by my sister. I have better friends because of the helpful judgement from my sister on who would be worth my time to be friends with.

My sister pushes me to be the best I can be every day, which also has induced me to start pushing myself on my own. I want to be just like how she is in every way. She helps around her community which I love to do because of the past experiences of service with my sister. I also want to be a doctor just like she will be in 2 years. I always try and outdo her in everything I do. I try to score better or do better on everything I do, especially academically.

My sister has always been my source of inspiration for everything I do. I want to emulate her in every way possible, academically and socially. I am very lucky with my life because everything comes so easily for me and I never have to struggle with anything. I have a wonderful life because of my family but my sister is the most influential person in my life and she helps me to be the best person I can possibly be.

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