Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Marissa from Honolulu

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My hero is Anne Frank. She was born on June 12,1929 in Frankfurt, Germany and lived with her family. Her Jewish family went into hiding when Anne was only 13 years old. They hid in an office for two years without stepping into the light, but later her family got captured and arrested by the Nazi's. Adolph Hitler didn't like the Jewish people. For Anne's 13th birthday, her parents got a diary for Anne to write in.

One of the reasons Anne Frank is a hero is because she was caring and kind. Anne was very gentle with her cat. She was kind and caring because when she hung out with others, she was always happy and adventurous. Anne was very kind to the children she played with and she loved to make friends.

Another reason Anne Frank is my hero is because she was very brave. She was young when she went into hiding. Anne had to be quiet because if she was loud the Nazi's would find them. Anne had to move to a lot of places and homes in order to hide. She had to go through other hard things like her mother passing away.

The last reason Anne is my hero is because of her journal. It was published into a book after Anne Frank passed away. Miep Gies saved Anne's journal so it was able to become a book. Lots of people started to read about Anne Frank's life. The book about Anne's life was inspiring. When I grow up, I want to be a good writer like Anne Frank.

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