Anne Frank

by Sina from San Diego

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Anne Frank is a strong young girl that lived during the Holocaust in Amsterdam, Germany. She lived in a very bad time during the Holocaust which she either had to hide or go to a concentration camp. Anne Frank is a normal girl that should be going to school and not be in hiding from the Nazis and should not have to take the sacrifices of having no friends, no ability to be free and to express her religion. I consider Anne a hero because all the dedication to staying free and not having to be under a dictatorship. No teenage girl should not be told that she cannot be any religion besides what is allowed by Hitler. Hitler made it his goal to get ride of all Jewish people which is something that is very disrespectful and anyone should have the choice to be the religion that they want to be. Anne Frank is a hero because she stood up to the Nazis trying her best to no get caught and to stay strong and to believe what she wants to believe.

Anne Frank has become a strong tough young woman that changed the face of the world through her diary. Her determination showed the world how much of a hero she has become. Anne Frank has been hiding from the Nazis for about 25 moths during the Holocaust trying to stay alive. "Anne Frank's voice becomes the voice of six million vanished Jewish souls" (Diary). This shows how Anne is an important girl to the world and proves that she should be respected as one of the deaths due to the Nazis. Her voice will always be known as the girl from the Holocaust that tried her best to stay alive and wanted to live and did not wanted to get caught. When Anne Frank says "I am grateful to god giving this gift, this possibility of developing myself"(Grobman). This represents Anne Frank even though any second she can be slaughtered if wanted to by the Nazis if found in hiding being Jewish. All she wants to do is live and not be under any Dictatorship and wanted to do what she wanted. Anne Frank lived with 8 other people in a small attic which would not be comfortable at all and if made a sound and caught the Nazis would take her to a concentration camp where should would be told to do slave work.

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Anne Frank had to live in a small attic with eight other people which usually is the size of two rooms but with eight people in them and barely even able to talk or be caught for so many hours every single day and should not have went through what she had to do. . Once "Anne Frank began writing it became a great source of comfort during the time"(Frank). That journal helps her express herself in writing and could be quiet during the day and did not have to say a word but could describe her day one page at a time. Anne was brought into a strange situation with food for 2 people for 8 people because they could only get 2 ration cards which made it very hard to ever eat more than a loaf of bread and an apple as a meal. "The circumstances were bad enough being in hiding but also barely have any food for each of them every day"(Diary) . It really shows how much of a hero Anne is to show that you can go through the roughest circumstances but if you try your best you will make it. Anne tried her best but at least she tried and held out for 25 months.

Anne Frank was a strong hero during the Holocaust for her resoluteness, perseverance , and determination to continue surviving at the time of the war. Anne Frank is a normal girl that should not have to take the sacrifices of having no friends, no ability to be free and to express her religion. Anne is a strong hero because she kept on trying her best to make it through the war until the American's came. But at the same time she is just a normal girl that goes to school and hung out with her friends before the war. Now Anne Frank is the voice of over 6 million Jewish souls that have died through the Holocaust.

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