Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Maegan from Farmersville

My hero is Anne Frank, she was a very strong teenager who went through difficult times with her family and friends. As for most teens that are 15 yrs old like Anne Frank they would go out with their friends go to parties or go to the movies but nothing liked that happened to Anne Frank. Anne lived and died during the Holocaust. She lived in her father's cell that he owned and the family and friends lived with them both. Anne's parents had to take her out of school because of the Nazis. She couldn't go outside to play with her friends or sometimes when she was in the room she couldn't make as much noise as she did before World War 2 had started.

Even though, Anne was small she seen so many violence in her life including the Holocaust. The holocaust was the scariest part from it all because the Nazis was looking for them. There was some obstacles to overcome for Anne frank. While Europe was in world war II, Anne Frank word's lived on.

On June 12, 1929 Anne just turned 15. Her father bought her a diary so she can write her personal stuff. Every day she would write something new and what's going on at home and war. Anne was a type of a girl who would sit in her room and listen to music and liked writing and reading. Anne had her wall full of posters and when she would get ready to sleep she would always look at her posters and she would think to herself that she wanted to be like them as soon as the war ended.

Anne was living in her father's cell her parents bought in their family so it was a full house. Also there was a cat living with them. Anne was pretty upset and sad because they had to leave her dog behind. She was pretty sad about that because that was her first dog that her parents bought her for her 5th birthday.

Although, the book will continue to live on until it just stops. People are still respecting Anne's wishes that go on living to make sure. Anne's death was not in vain. The last words said from the girl who helped Anne Frank during the Holocaust was '' I'm not a hero; I simply did what I had to do, because it was the right thing to do.'' Though the legacy of Anne Frank would go on so people would have truly learned the power of words to change the world. The reason I picked Anne Frank was because she been through a lot in life.

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