Anne Frank

by Kenzie from Cochrane

Anne Frank (drawing by Kenzie)
Anne Frank (drawing by Kenzie)

I choose Annelies Marie Frank because she is an inspiration and is a hero in my eyes. She is amazing and I think that everyone should know about her, her story is sad but she inspired me to become a better person. The book that I am reading about her is a biography, my book is 330 pages long. It takes place from Anne's birth in June 12, 1929 to her death on March 31, 1945. Melissa Muller is the author of my book and she is a journalist who lives in Vienna.

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, Frankfurt, Germany. Anne Frank lived in Amsterdam during World War 2. Her father Otto Frank was a businessman who published Anne Frank's diary. Without her father, Anne would have never became famous. Anne had a sister named Margot who wouldn't let Anne play with Margot or Margot's friends. Anne went to school at the Montessori Lyceum in Amsterdam. Anne was interested in writing and she loved to play with all of her friends on the street when she was not at school. She may have loved writing but she hated to study, unlike her sister Margot who loved school. Anne was chatty and did not listen to her teacher. A fact that i found interesting about Anne was when they were in hiding there were four other Jews who hid with the Frank family, Hermann and Auguste van Pels with their son Peter, and for a time Fritz Pfeffer a German dentist. Anne Frank wanted to become a writer when she was older. Anne had always dreamed of becoming an author.

The challenge that Anne Frank faced in her life were that Anne was a Jew and was alive at the time of Hitler. She lived in Frankfurt, Germany and got sent to a German concentration camp by Hitler. Despite everything she did not overcome these challenges but she and her sister died from a sickness called typhus. Anne died at the age of 15. Anne loved to write and she was not inspired by anyone but herself. Her dad was a big part in her success though. Something that surprised me was that Anne Frank was sometimes really mean. An example of that was when she was in the middle of moving. Her mother and father moved first then her sister went to start school there but Anne was too young for school yet so she stayed with her grandmother for a little while, while the Frank family got the house set up and Anne was being very sassy with her grandma and yelling I want to go now and she was overall being very rude. Another thing that surprised me was that Anne's dad survived the concentration camp and he was the one who published Anne's diary! The third thing that surprised me was when Anne Frank was in hiding there was also a German dentist hiding with them. The thing that surprised me was that I am German and when I am older I want to become a dentist. One thing about Anne Frank that I consider to be one of her weaknesses is that she feels the need to see the good in everyone. I consider this to be a weakness because if there is a really mean person she would want to be their friend. It could be bad for her because they would be really mean to Anne. Something that consider to be sad in her life was that she died at the age of fifteen. She died so young she never received any awards. There are several biographies and one movie about her.

I found a lot of interesting facts about Anne Frank in my studies. One thing that surprised me was that there are Anne Frank tee shirts that are sold online. If I could meet Anne Frank I would ask her these questions. Why is your name spelt Anne-lies and was your name ever made fun of? Who was the German dentist that was in hiding with you and how do you know him? When did Anne learn about the Nazi party and what they were doing to Jewish people? I would not want to be Anne's child because I would probably die from the Nazi party like she did. The book that I am reading about Anne Frank was good but I felt that the author talked about herself a lot and sometimes I had troubles understanding who she was talking about because she talked about herself a lot. Overall it was a good book. The book was very educational but the thing that I learned that stands out to me the most was that her full name is Annelies Marie Frank, Annelies like Anne-lies which I thought was very weird. Others may want to read this book because it has tons of information about Anne, her life, family and friends. I am very happy that I chose Anne Frank to learn about because she is amazing and taught me so many important life lessons that I can use in my day to day life. I find Anne Frank to be a role model as someone to look up to because she sees the good in every one and she is awesome!

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