Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Christian from Fresno

What i remember reading from Anne Frank is that she was one young hero who was in hiding with her family and friends. She and the family and friends were in hiding for at least 25 months in the secret room from the Nazis. when the Nazis finally got Anne Frank and the family and friends after being in hiding for almost 3 years. The family and friends only had 5 minutes to get their belongings one of the Nazis that when in the house through the journal Anne Frank was writing on the whole time. Anne didn't even bother to get it because she knew that's if she did then one of the Nazis would probably get mad.

When they took Anne Frank and her family and friends to the concentration camps the Nazis made it seem like the camp was fun but it was all dirty and sick people were walking around bare footed. Also people were really sick there. The Nazis didn't give any medicine whatsoever so the people there were just getting sick from left and right. The Nazis didn't really give them food too because they wanted them to die in the camps. Anne Frank and her family stuck together the whole time they were in the concentration camps. On one side of the camp Anne Frank saw her best friend.

How would I describe Anne Frank the way I would is that she is one brave girl for doing what she did. Why because she kept on writing while she was in the concentration camp. Also because she was seeing her family getting killed one by one in the gas chambers and well since her dad was the only one that made it out of there alive . It was harder for him because he had no one anymore. All his family were dead, especially Anne Frank. She died as a very good and young hero for doing all what she did because it must of been hard for her going through what she did.

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