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Anne Frank

by Caiti from Columbus

Anne Frank in May 1942, age 13 (
Anne Frank in May 1942, age 13 (

My hero is Anne Frank. She was a strong girl who believed in humanity. She believed that humanity could change. Anne Frank is a person I look up to because she is an ordinary person. She wasn’t a leader or an important person during her lifetime but a young person like we all are.

Annelies Marie Frank was born in Frankfurt Am main, Germany on June 12th 1929 to Otto and Edith Frank. In 1933, Anne, Edith, and Anne’s sister Margot were sent to live with their grandmother. During the 1934, Anne and Margot were enrolled into Montessori School. Anne majored in reading and writing.

On Anne’s thirteenth birthday, she was given an autograph book she used as her diary. She wrote in it to her imaginary friend Kitty. She wrote about her dreams of becoming an actress. She also wrote about the death of her grandmother.

Anne Frank and other Jewish people faced many hardships. The Jewish people were not allowed to enter theaters anymore. Anne and her family moved into hiding from the Nazis on July 6th, 1942. They got captured on August 4th, 1944. Her family was divided between males and females at the concentration camp. During their stay in the camp, Edith gave Anne and Margot her food so that they could live. Edith later died from starvation. In the year 1945, both Anne and Margot died of typhus disease, a terrible disease spread by rats. Anne was fifteen. Margot was nineteen.

Anne Frank has inspired me to keep writing no matter what may come. She taught me to always look at the bright side and remember that even in the darkest of times that there is a ray of hope. I also learned to follow my dreams. She wanted to be an actress even after the theaters became off limits to the Jewish people.

In conclusion, Anne Frank has inspired and taught me in many ways. She has shown me that she was a strong girl with a hope in humanity. I want to be more like my hero, Anne Frank.

“One voice speaks out for six million- the voice not of a sage or poet but an ordinary little girl.”
-Ilya Ehrenburg

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