Anne Frank

by Vanessa from San Francisco

Anne Frank was a very courageous girl. At the young age of thirteen she was already hiding to save her life from the Nazis. She went into hiding after the Nazis listed her parents to go to concentration camps. Throughout the rest of her life she was isolated from the outside world, never knowing what was happening to her friends, and others she was close to and whether they were still alive or not. For awhile, she was very lucky to be able to hide and not get killed. Before she went into hiding she saw all the killings and the brutal treatment the Nazis were treating the Jews. At the time Jews were treated like they were dogs. The Nazis gave the Jews unrealistic rules. They were given lockdowns and the Nazis would take away any Jew they thought should go to concentration camps. Also Jews had to wear yellow stars on their shirt and it had to be visible. This meant that they were Jews and it was basically a mark and also for the government to take track of them.

A visual of the Secret Annexe (
A visual of the Secret Annexe (

Anne Frank is my hero because she was brave enough to go into isolation in order to save her life. She never complained about being cramped up in a small space filled with about eight other people. She managed to get along with the others sharing the space with her even though they began to get on Anne's and her family's nerves. Anne Frank was constantly criticized and judged by her family and the other residents of the Secret Annexe. She was criticized for being lazy, dumb, arrogant, and other names. She stayed strong and didn't let her hurt show. She was strong enough to laugh and joke along about it. Anne always stayed herself and didn't let the harsh comments bother her to much.

The tombstone of Anne Frank (
The tombstone of Anne Frank (

Anne Frank had a very difficult and short life. Everyday she lived in fear of getting caught, put in a concentration camp, or getting killed. Although Anne Frank fell ill after being caught, she was brave and didn’t let her fear show. She lived the last months of her life as best as she could even though she had dreams of growing up and how she wanted to live her life. Although Anne's father was the only member surviving of her family he decided to publish Anne's diary. By publishing Anne's diary the entire world can see how she suffered and how she lived her life in a cramped building filled with other people.

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