Anne Frank

by Jordanne from Aurora

 (anne frank museum)
(anne frank museum)

Anne Frank is my hero because she never lost hope. One example of her hope is in her diary she wrote that she thought that people were still good at heart. I think it took great courage to write that even though she was forced to hide with 7 other people in the secret annex of a house from the Nazis Troops.

 (anne frank photo album)
(anne frank photo album)

Anne Frank lived in Germany. She was born before the horrid Holocaust, but she wasn’t born early enough to avoid being part of the war. Anne Frank and her family almost lived successfully in hiding to the end of the war. But then someone turned them in. Anne and the 7 others were sent to a concentration camp. Now comes the worst part. She died of a disease called typhus, caused by rats and fleas not but one month before the Allies would have rescued her.

 (anne frank online)
(anne frank online)

But still in a way Anne Frank still lives on. Her voice is still alive. After Anne died her dad went back to the house they hid in and found her diary. He got it published and it easily became a best seller.

Even though Anne Frank did not survive she is most definitely a survivor hero. Now with her diary a best seller everyone knows her story. Anne is also a hero within. Without meaning to she inspired many people around the world, not just in Germany, around the whole entire world, and changed lives. And in the same way she is a hero to others near and far.

Anne Frank is my hero for many reasons but most of all with her courage and hope. She persevered as long as she could. Anne Frank will always be my hero for all these reasons.

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