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Anne Frank (Annelies Marie Frank)

by Alexandra from Toronto

Anne Frank was a bright young Jewish girl from Frankfurt Germany. She lived during the war when people hated Jews. Anne and her family had to go into hiding when she was a young girl, so that the police could not find them and try to kill them. They went to a secret annex where there were two other families. Unfortunately they got discovered and had to go to concentration camps and work very hard and get little or no food.

Annelies Marie Frank (Anne Frank) was born on June 12 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. She was daughter to Edith Hollander Frank and Otto Frank. Edith worked as a devoted parent. Otto was born in 1889 and worked in various jobs. He was a missionary in WW1, he worked a Macy's department store, and at Opekta works. A store which sold fruit extracts and pectin. Anne had one other sibling named Margot who was born in 1926, three years before Anne was born. The Frank family came from a Jewish background. Anne loved school and was interested in reading and writing. But she had some difficulties in Math. Anne's favourite hobby was working on the family trees of European Royalty.

Anne always wanted to go to Hollywood. She would always take pictures of herself, but when her family had to go into hiding in the secret Annex all the people there became moody and grouchy. The people that helped the Franks and other families hide were Miep Gies, Jan Gies Johannes Kleman, Victor Kuglar and Bep Voskugl. Anne would also talk to Peter Van Pels, about the war and their life. Talking to Peter would make her a bit happier.

During the happenings and the Franks being in the annex there was not much to do so Anne always wrote in the diary she received as a birthday gift from her father. She always put pictures of herself and other things in it. After Anne died, the only member of the Franks that survived was Otto. When he was set free from the concentration camp he went back home where his friends had kept their belongings safe. One of those things was Anne's diaries. Otto had read her diaries and felt that people needed to know what was going on at the time and the troubles people had to go through, so Otto decided to publish her whole diary. He later called up his friend who was a German-Jew and asked her to write it in German and she greatly said yes. Nationwide, people were reading the book/diary and felt her sorrow but many people hated it and burned many copies.

During Anne�s time Hitler got voted chancellor of Germany. He and thousands of others hated Jews; they killed thousands of them and sent many to concentration camp for no reason. Jewish people were not the only hated people; the Germans hated gypsies and homosexuals as well. Since the Franks were Jewish they had to hide. In 1933, Edith, Anne, and Margot left Germany to Rosa Hollander's (Edith�s mother) house in Aachen, while Otto stayed in Amsterdam trying to manage the Opekta office. On June 12 1942 Anne received a red and white-checkered diary from her father, for her 13th birthday. Unfortunately a few weeks later on July 6th 1942 the Franks went into hiding in the annex. Anne and the other people in the annex barely or never made a sound because the people outside the annex could hear them and tell the police that they were hiding, so Anne wrote in her diary. She named it Kitty. Anne always wrote in her diary, to her it was like a friend she could share her thoughts and feelings with.

Anne Frank was a brave and bright girl. She grew up the holocaust in the 20s - 40s. The diaries that she wrote, which were published, touched people in many countries and in many ways. She is an inspiration to many people and is a fighter.

Unfortunately, Anne Frank died of typhus at a young age of 16. Even though her life was short her legacy and stories will long be remembered.

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