Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Courtney from Prescott, Canada

My hero is Anne Frank. She is my hero because she shows bravery and perseverance. During the war she was cramped in a small attic hide away with eight people, but she kept on going. It may have been terrible times, but she didn’t complain. She may have died, but her story went down in history, and touched the lives of everyone that heard about her. Anne was born in Germany on June 12, 1929. In 1933, (4 years later) the young girl and her family fled from Germany into Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. After living there for a while, the Nazis took over Amsterdam in 1940. The Franks were once again trapped. Eventually, a year later, Anne was forced to change schools because she was a Jew.

Meanwhile, Anne’s father was building a hidden attic. After the Nazis had full control, the family hid in the hidden attic. Another family moved in with the Franks with their son Peter. One other person moved in as well. So, Anne was cramped with eight people. They were eventually caught by the SS, in 1944, and sent to a concentration camp. Sadly, Anne died in the camp, of typhus. Anne Frank may have died, but her story still lives.

These are 3 reasons why Anne Frank is my hero: Reason 1: Anne shows bravery because she was stuck with eight people in one tiny attic. The only problem is that she couldn’t have a temper tantrum. If she did, the Nazis would find them all. In fact, they could rarely even flush a toilet for the same reason! Anyway, she showed bravery by not complaining.

Reason 2: Anne shows perseverance because even in those bad times, she kept on going. Some people teased and taunted her because of her Jewish religion, but she kept on going. In the secret attic, every day she longed to go outside. Did she complain? No! She kept on going

Reason 3: Anne is also my hero because she changed the world. She changed lives. Her story is heart-touching. Anne inspired me to maybe even change lives like she did. Maybe you can too. She taught me to not complain about silly little things. Because she went through big things, that are worth complaining about.

I hope everything I just told about Anne Frank inspired you, just like it did to me. I also hope that the things that Anne taught me, transfers to you. Anne taught thousands of people to live and to love, and to forgive and forget. That’s a very important lesson. I hope you spread the news of Anne Frank.

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